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Rights of the Earth

Rights of the Earth
Art 1: The earth belongs to itself
To state that the earth belongs to no results i saying that the earth belongs to everyone. The earth is on another level; it is autonomous.
Art 2: Essential right and duty of the earth to react against man's hostility. The more man's concscious or unconscious actions towards the earth, the more legitimate the earth's retort.
Art 3: The spatial right of the earth.For man space is concrete and conceivable only in its dimension of matter, or its opposite: anti-matter. The earth's capacity and force is at its height in its spatial dimension.
Art 4: The temporal right of the earth.The earth's natal stance in regards to vegetal, animal, and human life displays its capacity and force in its temporal dimension.
Art 5: The earths exists.
The earth is a living entity: man is only a part of its environment.
Art 6: All human, economic, technical, military, ideological, and political (etc...) conditions that concerns the earth as a planetary entity and symbol should be considered as secondary. The earth exists outside man-made boundaries.
Art 7: With love man is the heart of the earth and all lands.
Art 8: The earth can only be a concept for one who lacks a soul, without the soul the earth cannot be conceived.
      A love poem
      For this earth of earthlings which loves us.
      Earth that lives in the music of our soul and the violin of our hearts.
      I love you, handful of earth and salute you with the tam-tam's grain, the piano's sand, the accordion's dust.
      I love you, yes I love you. Earthlings in their small existence.
    Written 8 december 1995
    By Phillipe Moncorgé in Lyon - France

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